Flea and Parasite Control

Fleas: Many of our in-door cats come in with fleas that hitch hike on their owners from out side. Fleas and flea dirt are easy to find on the cat with a good flea comb. Small black droppings shaped like commas are the usual signs.
       Once on your pet, fleas will feed within 5 minutes. Female fleas can start laying eggs within twenty four hours of feeding.
Control: We carry three products to kill the fleas. Advantage and Vectra are applied on the back of the neck and spread over the oil layer on the skin and hair. Fleas die within 2- 12 hours after contacting the targeted insecticide. Vectra has an additional ingredient that inhibit the eggs from hatching also. For your rugs and furniture we carry Siphotrol spray. It kills both fleas, eggs, and larvae when sprayed on rugs and furniture.
     All About Cats Clinic offers very competitive pricing, usually lower than the internet. Call for pricing 503-648-2800.

Tapeworms: Small rice looking segments seen on the hairs around the bottom of your cat are tapeworm segments. The segments contain eggs that can be ingested by flea larvae. As the fleas mature to adults they carry the tapeworm inside them. If the flea get swallowed by a cat grooming it self the tapeworm inside then grows in the cat.
Control: We administer an injection that kills the tapeworm and is safe to the cat. Many over the counter produces are unsafe of only designed to kill round worms. Don’t forget to treat for fleas at the same time.

Roundworms: Two to three inch worm that live inside your cat are round worms. They lay microscopic size eggs that pass in the stools and hatch in 48 hours under the pro per conditions. The larvae can migrate in the liver and lung if ingested by cat or children.
Control: Repeat oral meds are given to control the infestation of round worms.

Ear Mites: They are very small mites that live in the ears of cats and dogs. Topical insecticides are very irritating and should not be used in the ear. The mites produce a lot of irritation as they feed, and leave  heavy black wax and droppings that can block the ear canal. Use of produces like Revolution to kill the mite, and flushing the ear canal with oils  to gently clean the canal are very important. We use an otiscope and sedation to accomplish this task.